"A woman, a perfume", An escape in a world of very personal fragrances, amusing and sensual by Suz Chevrier
A colors version.
A very rich session in collaboration with Suz Chevrier, seduced by the concept "a woman, a perfume". Some highlights, during which Suz expressed, in a double narrative, inside and outside, in colors and in black and white, the multiple imaginaries carried by her perfume. Guided by my Proustian questionnaire "a Woman, a perfume", the 3 notes of its perfume mark a path alternately amused, worried, greedy, sensual, nostalgic, curious and dynamic.
Photographer: Eric Dubois-Geoffroy,
Model, co-author: Suz Chevier,
Session: Sept 2017,
Location: Lille, Steenwerck.

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